Automotive Propane Systems


Going Green

Automotive propane systems reduce emissions and air pollutants that are found in convention petrol systems. Autogas systems have an average of 30% reduction in emissions. Lpg conversions, burns much cleaner than gasoline. Palmetto Fleet Service is an automotive propane systems dealer in Seneca. Propane is a great alternative fuel vehicles in Clemson. 

Direct install conversions

Autogas systems work WITH your automotive ignition and computer management systems.  

More cost effective than CNG applications

Autogas propane systems operate at lower pressures and have reduced costs in installation. 

Propane is a national fuel source

Propane is an American based fuel which does not need to be imported. 

Cleaner engines

Reduced emissions and reduced carbon foot print leads to a cleaner engine. 

Bi Fuel System

The autogas conversion does not replace your existing system. The system works with your existing system. Switch to propane or petrol when you need to!